Cabin view engine sound

i hope Infinite Flight put the cabin sounds in passenger views,

like that :

(this is not my video)


I guess if it takes this long surely they would have done it :)

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Good idea :)

bring this back up

i think IF can improve cabin sounds, for the A320 family

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We wanna


Very good idea it will be more realistic while flying

I would like to see this along with a few more cockpit sounds like auto pilot disengaged sound. R


One big like! That’s one of the features I am looking forward to the most

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This is definitely needed.

Necroposting at its finest 😂😂😂


Nah, It wasn’t necroposting. Too much to explain, but check out the “Muffled Reverse Thrust” feature.

And a cabin window frame, different for each aircraft!

I’ll die if it isn’t added even by next year

And it’ll be great if they’ll add difference sounds for Airbus aircrafts and Boeing aircrafts

Would be great!

We need this

I would love this in global flight so you can watch your landings and become a passenger and if they can make it so that a seat map pops up and you can choose your seat (varied for each aircraft) just in case there are any people who like the isle seat

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That would take a lot of space and coding, but it would be cool.

It would be hard on something like the Boeing 777-200 because they’re are 5 versions (my favorite is version 4)Uploading…