Cabin sound effect in wing view camera mode

Having the exterior sound effect in wing view mode is a bit silly and kind of spoils this camera view. Isn’t it an easy switch to make to change it to the cabin view sound such as in the CRJ?

Are you referring to what we already have on the CRJ700 and CRJ900 “Seat - Right Side” camera view? If so, I believe what you are requesting has already been implemented.


We already have something similar for the CRJ-700 and -900 but I do agree that the sound effect should be implemented for other planes too

No, I mean the wing views which we had before the CRJ ( and the CRJ has as well). These are supposed to be from a viewpoint inside the plane so there shouldn’t be the same sound effect as you hear from the outside camera views.

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Ok. I understand where you’re coming from. Just realize the camera’s are outside. So putting a sound that would appear to be an “inside” sound “outside” would/could be strange to the user. 🙂


The point is though that the camera should not be outside. The whole point of a wingview is that the perspective replicates being in the passenger cabin with a window seat.

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So then you would need a cabin for the camera to be inside.
Only the CRJs have cabins.
Therefore all the other planes have to have a camera on the outside. And, as DeerCrusher said, having an inside sound on a camera on the outside would not make any sense at all.

Not necessarily, you just can’t see the window frame or swing the camera around to see the cabin. Doesn’t mean you’re not in the cabin. There is a flaw in my argument though - cargo variants which don’t have windows. Ultimately we need a sound overhaul anyway so may have to just hold out for that.

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I personally never looked at the wing view as a view from within the cabin, I just viewed it as a view of… well… the wing.
It would be strange to me to have my camera be on the outside and hear an inside sound. Especially because I can move the camera around and it’s obviously on top of the wing.

May this would fulfill the request?