Cabin lights?

Whenever I try to take out the a320 at night I have no cabin lights. I used to take out the a320 and had lights so what happened, is it a setting change?

Wich version of IF you have ?

Please be more precise ;-)

IOS, the most up to date one

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Okay, that’s really unusual, could you please take a screenshot?

I believe you have to turn a graphic setting higher.


Dome light or just instruments?

Sure, just give me a few

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Do you have airplane graphics on very high?


Ok thank you

Hein??? Sorry I’ve surely don’t understand…


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Thanks you ! That’s absolutely abnormal, is it the same on solo mode ?

Quit the app, go to the same graphics page and put aircraft quality to high/very high


You can’t be in love mode to change aircraft quality. You need to be in the game menu. Not in solo mode or live.
Then you need aircraft settings on high, or very high and it will work

Thank you so much, it worked

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