Cabin lights

It would be really cool to add these type of cabin lights into the game. It would make flying at night much more better as the lights will shine through the windows

Like the CRJ Family? It agree it would be cool!

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Especially if the new 777 update includes a cabin. Not hoping for anything but it’s just in my mind.


You would only see this during when you’re parked at the gate, other then that, they’re usually dimmed for emergency evacuation reasons and when in-flight in general. Would be cool to have an option to dim the lights like in the systems tab or something.


This would be pretty cool. It would also be cool with this if a feature was added to dim/brighten the cabin lights so that when we are in a passenger veiw it would feel more realistic. That would probably be more of a replay mode feature but some people might use it in game


Hey! I would love to see this, sorry no votes though. Make sure to delete 1 photo to comply with the #features rules! If you want you could also add more context.

Here are some pics I took of the cabin lights on the CRJ: Here

Do we even have a Cabin? (Except the CRJ and 717)

I agree. Do the colored lighting for the more modern aircraft and the regular beige-yellow- white lighting for the older aircraft.


Something like this? We already have on CRJ

Wow i didn’t even Know it had this view 🤯 Thanks for posting


u can’t change le colors