Cabin lights bug

I suppose the cabin lights shouldn’t behave this way?

I think it is a texture bug.

But, you are a little unclear. When you use support, try to explain the problem more clearly to get better assistance.

I think that is how they’re supposed to look. They simulate how in real life some windows are open, closed, partially shut, mostly shut, etc.

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I think it’s pretty obvious right here. When you are zoomed out the cabin lights aren’t lit, but when you zoom in they appear. This certainly wasn’t before 24.1.

Thanks for correcting me. Well, there you have it. It is an efficient method of lowering graphics that are further to reduce the amount of lag. It’s in all games (except Minecraft).

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Odd, restarted the app and the issue seems to have disappeared, all done

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Old restart saves the day again, it’s actually amazing at times. 💅 🎉 🙌