Cabin Lighting

Hello IFC! As a frequent nighttime flyer, one thing I always love (especially when I’m on JetBlue) is when those LED mood lights turn the entire cabin to a beautiful calming blue. Something about when the cabin is all lit up blue or purple just puts my mind at ease and makes me so relaxed.

Over the past few years, newly added and reworked aircraft’s to Infinite Flight have been receiving 3D interiors. The only thing that’s missing, cabin lighting. Some of you may be aware that the reworked CRJ family has mood lighting. But after that, none of the new aircraft’s received that. I think it would definitely be a nice feature to have on our newer aircraft’s with interiors to just add a little bit of realism and a nice touch.

Now talking specifically about the lighting, a big part of it is the actual light in the cabin. As far as I know, I don’t think it’s possible or easy for Infinite Flight to make mood lightning that would actually light up the cabin (that’s something that I would love to see once Project Metal is complete and we’ll have dynamic lighting), but do make the sort of light itself or the beam, like it currently is not the CRJ family, would be really nice to have.

Now to get a little crazy, it would really be awesome if pilots could have a little control panel on the systems tab where we could turn the lights on and off, and set some basic colors such as blue, violet, white, orange, etc.

At the end of the day, I think this would be a really nice and unique feature that many Infinite Flight users including myself would greatly appreciate to amp up the realism on our flights. I know a project like this won’t necessarily be easy, but I would love to see it at some point, even if it comes later in Project Metal with dynamic lighting.

The lights make the CRJ so calming, would this be for all interior planes or just a couple as it might take a while to implement them.


I feel this would be an interesting feature but disagree with the fact it should be the pilots that control, maybe if when you are under 10,000 feet and when on the runway the lights dim and other times the lights are on in the cabin. But the pilot should not be controlling it as it is normally the cabin crew who sort that. So if the pilot was to then change it, it would ruin the realism, which is the whole point behind this feature.

I strongly agree. I would personally like to see this implemented on all aircrafts with an interior. If that’s not possible, then maybe the more recent interior aircrafts such as the A220 and E-Jets.

That is true about the cabin crew controlling it. But on Infinite Flight, there’s no cabin crew. And yes, I see what you’re saying with the lights just being automatic. But then they would just have to be on (white) or off (dark). If pilots could control it, you could change the color and all. Plus, even with your concept of when the lights would be on and off, there’s still other more specific moments. For example, the lights would be on when you’re at the gate when your flight would typically be boarding.

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There would have to be a Cabin for each aircraft for that to be made 1 and do you mean we control it or it changes based on whatever?

No, I’m saying a feature like this should be added on all current and future aircrafts with interiors. The aircrafts that currently don’t have interiors, such as the A320 family, those wouldn’t receive the lighting. And to answer your second question, pilots would control it so you can do more with the lighting such as changing the color.

I got this picture of the mood lighting on board an Icelandair 737 MAX 8. They change after pushback, and then again after takeoff. I guess the pilots can turn it the colors of the Northern Lights if they spot them outside, which is a cool touch.

I have some friends who are in Spain right now, and this is a picture they got of Iberia’s nice mood lighting on an A320NEO.

Yeah, the pilots don’t change them though, it’s the cabin crew.

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I think both flight crew and cabin crew have control. The pilots are more likely to spot them than the cabin crew.

You’re gonna love this one for sure!

I would love to have this implemented.

They don’t. Only the cabin crew. Plus the flight attendants can easily look out the window or the pilots can call the FA’s on the intercom. Plus it’s 2023 lol, there’s technology that probably does it for them instead.

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JetBlue!! Hotttt😎. Is that on the LR? Also side note jetblue does mood lighting the best

Totally agree! I’m looking forward to the day when IF will have beautiful dynamic lighting to make flying at night that much more fun and immersive.

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Correct, that is the LR!


Lucky, what route?