Cabin Lighting and Window Shade Improvements

When cabin lights were first introduced in the 15.10.0 update I was so happy that they had finally been added. However, at the same time I was really disappointed to see that the window shades were fixed in a random position and the cabin lights were constantly on.

In a real life flight, ALL widow shades are raised for taxi, takeoff and landing. Similarly cabin lights are turned off/dimmed for taxi, takeoff and landing.

Why Are Cabin Lights Turned Off For Taxi, Takeoff and Landing?

It’s a safety precaution to ensure that passengers’ eyes adequately adjust to the limited brightness of the cabin, in case something goes wrong during take off or landing, since these are the two most dangerous parts of any flight.

It also helps the crew observe the external parts (e.g., engines, wings) to detect any sort of visually observable malfunction.


Why Are Window Shades Raised For Taxi, Takeoff and Landing?

Raising the window shades fills the cabin with natural light, and help travelers orient themselves during an emergency. Being able to see the conditions outside—especially during a 90-second evacuation—can help passengers get to safety. Unobstructed windows will also make it easier for first responders assisting from outside to assess the situation.


Raised windows also make it possible for flight attendants to inspect external parts .

I think it would be great if we had the option to set the cabin (lights and shades) into a taxi/takeoff/landing mode and the option for a cabin flight mode (current) as it would seriously improve the realism and make the simulator that much better!


Do you know if there are options the change the shades a lighting or is it permanently like that (cabin lights on, shades open) because I don’t think they have added an option for taxi, takeoff and landing where the shades are open with the lights off or dimmed - correct me if I’m wrong.

Sorry, I’ve only just realise properly what you are requesting. My apologies.

No problem. I didn’t realise the 787 would have cabin lights with all the shades open (for global), so thanks for sharing that anyway!

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Also, is it just me or are the cabin lights in the 787 family really dim and not as high quality as for example the dash8…

(BTW all settings are on “very High”


Just so you know, I have flown with United on countless flights and the flight attendants never come around and have you raise the window shades. Even during takeoff and landing. This is also the same for Southwest with my experience. Maybe only certain airlines require it…?

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Great idea, also I think that adding lights to the cockpit view would better help see the yoke and other things!

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It’s not the airlines which require it, it’s ICAO and FAA. That’s because people need to be aware of what’s going on outside, to prepare for any emergencies. In your case, I think the flight attendants weren’t paying attention or didn’t care.


Probably the flight attendants that don’t care. The only flight I’ve been on where they did ask us to raise them was IAD-VIE on Austrian.

If they implement this they will have to be up to whole flight unless they integrate some sort of system that moves the shades, and controls the lights after takeoff.

I believe in real life it depends on the airline. Years ago we used to have to raise the shades but every time I have flown in the past five years they have not asked. I remember in the 90s I was asked to raise them but not any time recent as far as I cant remember. In Texas they ask you to leave them shut in an effort to keep the aircraft cool.

The same holds true with the lights, I think it depends on the time of day where most of the time we land with the lights on.


Yeah especially down in Houston, those planes can get hot quick, especially if it’s full and you have to wait on the ramp for 30 minutes 👍🏻

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Pretty much every flight I’ve ever been on, I’ve been asked or at least seen the flight attendants asking someone else to open the shade. These have all been flights in Europe, Asia and Australia so it may be different in America?

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I totally agree with u @anon73239073

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So last month I was on a flight with EasyJet and they definitely mentioned in their safety demonstration that window shades must be open. I am travelling with them again soon so I will try record it. I think European and Asian airlines must enforce this safety procedure more than American airlines.

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Only time that this happened was on an Air France A319. My most recent flights, the flight attendants didn’t(Jetblue).

I think that EVERY aircraft in Infinite Flight should have window lights, because that’s just the basic realistic of airplanes, period. Not every plane has window lights at different phases of the day.

Would love to see this added in Infinite Flight:)!