Cabin Crew voice recordings

As part of the recent strides in inclusivity which IF has made, I’d like to suggest that a future step in this process is to have voice clips (which go together with a certain aircraft livery) in the style and language!! of that airline’s typical announcements which would play at various stages of flight.

Before anyone jumps on me I’m aware of the existence of IF-Ops; it’s a very well put together app but only has very limited options when it comes to voices. I fully acknowledge it’s a huge undertaking to put all of that together, so I humbly recommend to the dev team that they look to our own community here on IFC for anyone who might be a budding voice artist and willing to put the time in.

There is also IF Passengers! It has original sound packs of most airline, even though they aren’t always high quality. It comes with real boarding music, safety announcement, and all that stuff


They are actually alright, the IF passengers announcements but you have to pay for a lot of them which is kinda annoying and I wish you can just have all of that built into the sim

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I like the idea, but my only concern here is the file budget. Whilst a small MP3/ WAV file doesn’t seem like much, if you consider how many individual recordings there are, per livery, per aircraft, and then add that onto the already large size of the aircraft, I fear that devices are slowly but surely going to start running out of space

IF takes up over 10GB as it is with the majority of aircraft downloaded. I do love the idea though

You are absolutely correct! It is really cheap & has more onboard voices than any other app… I use IF Passengers alongside IFOperations to make the experience overall really immersive.

No you can also do a subscription.

Its good idea but it will probably won’t come true because theres an app called infinite passengers.

Or there could be a way to record your own voice and it plays during pushback or takeoff

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Like many people said here, there are 3rd party apps that allow for this! I use an app called IF Assistant which helps with not just a PA system but also alerts, cockpit noises, and even speed read outs on takeoff. It does cost a bit but 100% worth it in my opinion.

You have me vote

You have my vote.