Cabin Crew on Infinite flight

It would be awesome if you could have flight attendants brief passengers and you could have cabin announcements. Unlike pretending you are giving an announcement like I. There can be a button you press. Ex. Before taxi, Before takeoff during before touch down etc. Please comment on what you think about these features.



This would be pretty cool. Wouldn’t take up much space on the app and would make it more realistic.

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You would be able to choose between female or male voice in settings

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very different request :open_mouth: but it would be cool instead of the female voice for the controlling to have a choice of male/female voice controller

Great Idea!

There is a way you can do that by downloading an app called IF Crew that has Boarding music and safety briefing and all the announcements that you would hear in a real flight

IF Assistant too


That is thirdparty topic. I don’t think IF should try to apply it into the game. Thirdparty apps are enough but problem is they are very expensive.

How are 3rd party apps expensive ?

Use IF-Assistant

Is that another paid app?

Yes. It costs 5€ and another 5€ for the passenger add-on


This is how to make IF realistic!

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This is a really good suggestion. IF assistant is good for this but would integrate much better if it was part of the app