Cabin Crew Announcement

I found a link which contains Inflight announcements. I’m part of this VA and this page has made my flights a bit more interesting and less boring during cruise and approach. I thought I share with you guys this link for fun :)!inflight-entertainment/c1rbj


I use YouTube to play the safety demos all the time. This is a great idea

I found a video on IFFG where a pilot used the new feature Picture-in-Picture
He pushed back, taxied to the runway where the Announcement video stops. Nice creativity!
Only for iOS though

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To add on more realism whenever you land the Ryanair 737 it should give the automated announcement that starts with a trumpet sound and rattles on about kph On my way! 95% of Ryanair flights etc. etc.😄.

Back on topic though, it’s a good idea but I think it would take up a lot of memory, but I still think it isn’t a bad idea.

pls check your whatever you look at for the untied virtual pilot recruitment thing, i filled out the survey and no body has replied yet

There should be a fourth page (next to HUD, Map and Systems page) with all these flight announcements as a default feature in IF.


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I do not know why people do not keep active this topic ahah

I really want this in IF, with all functions on all aircraft and airlines you choose! It would be a great thing! Please Mods have a look to this request! ;)

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