Cabin Announcements

Hey there,

Today I am requesting Cabin announcements.

Why cabin announcements?
I think this could add a nice realistic feature for passenger flights. It would also be kinda cool
to hear something while taxiing or mid-air.

What features could the announcements have?
It would be cool if there would be an option to do a „Welcome“ announcement, safety instruction announcement, „mid-air“ announcement, „landing“ announcement and an announcement after landing.

I know that this feature was already requested but it is over 2 years old and only one vote

IF assistant is probably the closest thing you can get for cabin announcements


I think he meant having them in the sim without having to purchase IF Assistant.

But I agree with @TheFlyingKiwi. If you want to have passenger announcements now instead of waiting in the hopes that Infinite Flight adds them into the sim, you can purchase IF Assistant and the add on for announcements. It’s gonna cost you but it’s worth it.


Also, you can download IF Passengers.

IF Assistant offers this is amazing

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Which app is better for announcements? Infinite Passengers or IFAssistant? I personally have IFAssistant and I have to say it works well for the most part.

Some bugs are:

  • Stops working on long hauls (no descent announcements + co-pilot voice does not work anymore)
  • tends to skip or start announcements early



Both are recommended. Infinite Passengers focuses more on the announcements and boarding music, IF-A focuses more on the Co-Pilot feature.

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Yes but you have to pay :(

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Nothing in life is free


Thousands of Play Store apps are :)

Get IF assistant, $5.00 for app and $5.00 for all aditional features such as gpws callouts, pa, voice comands, and more

Got PA for IF-A but mabye IF will add PA? ;)

In my opinion, If assistant is the better choice because even though it costs more, you get all sorts of goodies you would not get with Passengers.

Infinite flight passengers is my favourite

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The thing is dont quote me on this but infinite passengers isn’t officially supported by infinite flight

As stated here:


Use in flight assistant.

This would kill apps such as “IF Assistant” and “Infinite Passengers” since they are both
plug-ins for the cockpit/cabin noises, announcements and warnings etc. They wouldn’t have a purpose after an update like this happens. But none the less I would love to see this!

I mean well yeah but no one wants to exactly pay extra since Infinite flight costs more itself

but if you really want realism purchasing is the best option

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I mean I suppose IFAssistant would be useful