Cabin and Cockpit Changes

When flying on IF, most aircrafts don’t have lighting in the cabin and cockpit. On the A321 and the B787, there are both cabin and cockpit light.

Also a lot of aircarfts say they have virtual cockpit, however, most of them dont move with the controls i.e. thrust control, flap lever etc. the A380 is a good example because the info on the aircraft says that it has a virtual cockpit; yes the cockpit is quite detailes, but it doesn’t move!

It would make it a lot more realistic if all aircraft had cabin and cockpit light because in real life, all aircraft do have cabin and cockpit lighting.

I hope this gets taken into account by developers, Thanks for reading, all.

Aircraft will eventually be redone, you just have to be patient.


Yeh I understand, I think they’re time is more taken up by adding newer aircrafts.
APPR is a good example, they’re currently trying to add this feature to all aircraft

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Quality over quantity; I’m hoping to see live displays soon.

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Great. All they need to do is flick the light switch and BAM wonderful detail arrives.


It was only recently that lighting in the cockpit was introduced. The A380 was redone in about mid 2014, and the majority of the planes in IF were made then or before, and haven’t been redone since. The devs have only gotten to redoing the 787, the a320 family, 747, and only part of the 777 family. It’ll be awhile before they redo the other planes, and by then, they’ll have gotten further in the development of things. So it’ll be like this for awhile. Just wait, and they’ll hopefully be redone. 😄

There has been discussion on this before. Most of these with limited cockpit graphics are much older. As you probably know, FDS goes back and periodically revamps older aircraft, the A320 series being an example. In the long term, the goal is to get all these planes up to par with the new ones while adding new planes and features along the way. However, now global flight is a priority, so until that is out, don’t be expecting many reworks. Hope this cleared some things up for you:)