C40 USAF visited LHR

Clipper C40 arrived LHR from ADW Afb.

A very rare and unique visitor, he stops for parking for 3 hours, then departed To LSGG (Geneva)

Clipper landed in LHR

Clipper departed from LHR to LSGG


Wow amazing photos @Shafran

thank you, doing my Best!

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Very nice!

thanks! trying to make Sam realistic missions.

Don’t forget SPAR: Special Priority Air Resource for C-40B/C missions when someone less than a diplomat or general/flag officer is on board like the Speaker or members of Congress or the Navy/Marine C-40A

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I cant give it callsign SPAR, ive seen pelosi visited taiwan with callsign SPAR19, maybe i think i can use Marine or Navy callsign…

Yeah, it’s not like the old days when you could create you’re own

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C-40A Clipper is the navy version. I don’t think the Air Force has an official name for it other than C-40B.

As far as I know the Air Force just called it the B/C model. I remember the 89th AW got the B the DC Air Guard got the C. PACOM, EUCOM and TRANSCOM (Scott AFB) got one each of the B model

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Sounds about right. I only know that the navy’s is nicknamed Clipper.

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