C208 Rework Tracking Thread

Welcome to the C208 Rework Tracking Thread!

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This thread will be used to track the progress of the C208 rework and any WIP shots that are shared. It’s worth noting that this rework is a mostly full rework, so it will not be rebuilt from the ground up. Please enjoy this thread and avoid speculation or off-topic remarks! This thread is maintained and edited by our TL3 members, staff & moderators.

Development Progress

The first exterior shot

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Confirmed Liveries

Coming soon…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will <insert random feature here> be included with this update?

The only information that confirms whether something will or will not be added will be from our official social media. Until then, features in this update are unknown.

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When will it be released?

This aircraft is still in the development phase. There has been no word on when this update will come. Stay tuned for more information along the way!

How will my device handle this new aircraft?

Rest assured we’re working hard to ensure everyone can enjoy new content. Quality settings will allow users to tweak their settings for optimal performance.

This model/feature doesn’t look right. Can you fix it?

While features are in testing, the internal Infinite Flight Alpha/Beta testers will be searching for inconsistencies, errors, bugs and everything in between. While these features are in development, anything posted on our Social Media isn’t set in stone and it may get corrected before the public release. That being said, if you find any inconsistencies, feel free to comment on this thread or private message one of our staff members or moderators and they will happily address any issues that you may find.

Why haven’t we seen a teaser from Infinite Flight in a while regarding this update?

While we strive to provide as many WIP (work-in-progress) shots as possible, there’s only so much we can show along the way through each development phase. If you’d like to view some more exclusive WIP shots, consider joining our official discord server.

Why is this topic closed?

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Well here we go again… 😝


Was this c208 developed by apple? The wings and gear come separately.


Better than Christmas 🥳


Can’t believe I got a comment in before Benny 🤓


Yeah the wings and wheels come with pro only 😆


Enjoy it while it lasts. 😂

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Haha same!

On a separate note, thank you IF Devs! This is looking like a great and crazy year!

Keep the hard work up!


In that case… What do the non-PRO users get out of it? Glide the C208 in the sky and land with no gear like you at KSFO 😂😂😂

All love and jokes Dan 😆


Really excited to see this coming!! 🤩🤩


Hi there,
I cannot wait to fly the Grand Caravan again. I have read the poh and found that the performance differs a lot between pod and no pod versions. I hope this will be the case. I think it was not in the old one.


This thread was going to appear eventually - here we go again 😂

Can’t wait to see this in the sim - Caribbean and Pacific island hops incoming.


This is gunna be fun landing into st Barthomley


Please please pleaseeee can we get the 208 on floats!


I don’t think they’d add that, simply because the current water physics aren’t compatible.


Looking forward to this!!


I was researching the c208 and I came across these guides. They might help. Some might be a little old.
C208 checklist

A cool selling brochure with a some specs in it.

An operating manual for the c208b.


C208 is a great plane


The performance in the old one was nowhere near accurate lol


I don’t mean it necessarily has to float, just a sea plane version that we could still land on gear.
Not sure if they’d like the idea but I just think seaplanes look cooler :)