C208 rework hype & questions :)

I saw the IF Instagram post today confirming they have begun the rework of the C208, and I’m very very very excited about it. Honestly it’s the first update I’ve been personally ecstatic about. Anyone else? 🤩

However, I’ve not been able to find much info about it. I fly purely cargo feeder routes, so does anybody know if the liveries and passenger/cargo variants remain the same? Or where I might be able to find this info if it’s already available.

I assume with the FedEx and DHL ones being so popular and used still irl they won’t remove the cargo ones, but the SkyLink Express livery is also a cargo variant and a more generic livery, so I am hoping it remains as it was.

PLEASE don’t remove the cargo C208s lol

Thank you so much IF 🫡👍🏻


I sure hope cargo stays, it’s all I’ve ever flown the 208 as


Jason basically confirmed on Discord there will be cargo liveries.

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Thanks for opening this! I wanted to ask our devs to make flight model reflect the different performances of the model with pod and without. I hope they 'll see this. The difference is quite significant tbh.

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Many thanks 👍🏻 I they would have this view on it.