C208 - No instruments

Once I turn on Master the panel is still not coming alive. Just blank screens. Does anyone know why?

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Hey, you can vote at this feature request.

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The 208 doesn’t have live instruments like 72 or TBM have. What you’re seeing is intentional for now. Feel free to vote in the topic linked above if that’s something you would like to see.

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Ya I know they are not live but I have black screens not even a graphic image of the screen like before the updated version of the overall APP

Master switch dpes not affect the state of static images like in the C208, these old cockpita were never designed to change based on the settings on your aircraft.


Well I don’t even have the static images on any of the C208’s. Just a black screen on all.

It was disappointing that when the 208 got new sounds and textures last year, it lost the static G1000.
Personally its really jarring to just have three black panels, as it feels like you forgot to turn your avionics on.
Best case scenario would be getting the in-game G1000 added, but a static texture would still be an improvement.

Can you send a picture here so we can better understand what you mean?

I know what you are talking about (C208 fan here). That is just standard for now - until they do a major update on the C208. In other words, they the glass-cockpit does not and will not show an image, just a black screen. Yes, please put a vote down to update this amazing aircraft!