C208 Issue

I was flying from Flagstaff to Phoenix on the C208 and whenever I would turn it would turn harder than what I’d want. When I’d activate the break the aircraft would sometimes lean back as if it was too heavy near the tail. This just started recently at random and I haven’t found a solution.

You West Coast boys

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Are you using rudder or movement of your device to turn?

The rudder.

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Hmm… make sure you’re not over using the rudder and making it turn too far.

Was there any wind? If not, consider your weight and balance.

There was like 5kts of wind and I had no weight except fuel

how fast were you going whilst turning?

Like 7kts, it it has happened before at various speeds

alr nvm looool

I’ve just tried it out for myself…

Yes, the plane is a bit more sensitive than others. Probably because you were very light and applying a bit too much rudder. What I noticed is instead of applying sudden, strong rudder, take it slowly so you have more control over the turn.

I have found that it does lean back slightly when braking very strongly, though I haven’t seen it tip fully. Instead of using the parking brakes or full strength rudder brakes, just apply the rudder brakes at low % and slow down more slowly. The tipping could be due to unbalanced weight but you mentioned that’s not the case.

Its simply how the plane handles, they are all different from one another. So you may never find a solution, but what you can do is adapt. :)

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I’ve found that the onset of any such odd ground handling as you describe, though rare, has always been cleared by restarting IF. Does your problem continue after restarting?

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