C208 engine performance

I have been flying the C208 quite a bit this month (both in IF and IRL) and I have noticed that the engine for the C208 in IF is way too underpowered. A fully loaded C208 can climb of a rate of ~2000ft/m without any problems IRL, but barely climbs faster than 500ft/m (half full) in IF!
Am I the only person who have noticed this?
If you can relate, please leave a comment :)


Being honest I have never flown a 208 in real life but I have notice these problems you describe in if so I’m going to go test it and see if i have the same problems.


Yes, it has a very old flight model. You can vote for a rework here.


I got the same results I recommend doing what @Trio suggested and vote for a rework at the post he kindly linked.

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The physics are simply outdated and incorrect. Since the creation of the 208 in game, a lot more info about engine specs have become available to simulator developers. Like @Trio said, I’d highly suggest voting for the rework above if you’d like a more realistic experience.

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It was last updated in 2012 but it has surprisingly decent flight physics for being that old though.


Agreed, being from 2012 it handles pretty good. Never flown one IRL…without Floats.

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