C172 Weaving when using VOR navigation

I encountered a bit of a weaving issue just now using VOR navigation. Here are the flight parameters:

  • Pwr 93%
  • 123 KIAS
  • Wind 16@224
  • ALT 7500ft
  • I am tuned into YDC 60

This weaving might have occured when I was climbing at 700 VS but can’t remember.

Same thing happened to me. Just disable Nav and use HDG for about a minute and then go back to nav

I’ve never seen so many support requests in a short period of time. Maybe the devs should have vetted this update a bit more.

Also, I can confirm that @TheFlyingGuy1’s solution is accurate on my end.

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You are going much faster than you actually should. The normal cruising speed for a C172 is 100kt

No it’s not. It’s about 115 to 125kts usually

That is the speed when you are flying the 205HP Cessna172. The Infinite Flight 172 doesn’t have the variant with the upgraded engine

This page shows that the max cruise speed is 122-126 KCAS

That is the max cruising speed. You also don’t fly an airliner at 0.89 Mach

This is irrelevant here. Since I am within my right to fly at 120 IAS, if the aircraft is doing something weird then there is a problem.

BTW since this is a GA context, your argument is a bit like saying I should not drive at 110kph because it uses more fuel than 90kph.

I honestly don’t know if it’s a bug or what it is but it’s what I said above was the only way I got rid of it. It was weaving for like 20 minutes and I was like I gotta find a solution

Hmm it stop weaving by itself after a bit for me.

I can confirm this as well, weaves most of the time. I have to set the fix using heading mode otherwise autopilot rocks back and forth.

Exactly the same, on solo it only happens when a bit of turbulences are added

Not something annoying in itself but it’s still nice to make devs aware 👍

no not a big problem…much more fun to hand fly the c172 anyway, auto pilot is cheating…

You are not gonna hand fly a c172 for hours at a time are you?
And you probably need to turn on AP when configuring the VOR anyways

Autopilot isn’t cheating when playing on a mobile device.

Unless you have a joystick, the use of the AP is a must !

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