C172 Turn Coordinator Help

Hey guys.

I have a question about how to fly with the turn coordinator in the C172.

If I’m correct, to maintain coordinated flight, while in a turn, the pilot should apply a little bit of rudder pressure in the opposite direction of bank to avoid the potential for skidding or slipping. Or into the direction of bank… I get mixed up.

The main point is, in IF, when I apply rudder in either direction, I can’t get the ball in the center no matter what I do. The aircraft seems to do fine flying uncoordinated, but I would like to gain practice with rudder coordination.

Can someone please explain either what I need to do to, or, if the turn coordinator in Infinite Flight is even functional?


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Not sure if it’s functional in game, but this should help:

Gives Gould visuals as to what the plane looks like and what the instrument displays. (Also clarifies terminology)


Ah, okay. So just use rudder in the direction that the ball is turning to?

Thank you, by the way.

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Yes. There are two parts of a classic turn coordinator instrument:

  • The ball: displays skid/slip so pilot can make necessary corrections
  • The plane: when the wings are align with the top marks, the plane is not turning. When aligned with one of the smaller markings, the aircraft is doing one full 360° turn in 2 minutes.

This should help too: LINK
See page 17.


The turn coordinator in IF is known to function differently from an IRL turn coordinator at this point in time.

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I understand about the turn coordinator, but thanks for your help :)

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That makes sense. It’ll deeply, slightly aggravate me not indicating as coordinated though 😂

Not sure what you mean I think you mean if you are turning left you want to apply right rudder?

If so then no you want to see what the ball is doing and quote on quote step on the ball. Long explanation on why if you are turning left you want to use left rudder but tell me if you want the explanation and I can tell you

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