C172 trim tab bug


Thanks for the 19.4 update, it is simply amazing.

While flying the C172, I have found that the trim tab is moving in the wrong direction. The trim tab should deflect downward when nose up trim is applied. However it moves upward instead in IF.

Your current Trim configuration is nose up (positive), nose down would be negative.

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This is not a bug. The more positive trim you have the more upwards deflection of the elevators. Hence why your nose pitches upwards.

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I utilized the C208 in these examples:

Negative Trim:

Positive Trim:

Yes you are correct, but the trim tab should move downward for a upward deflection of elevator, i.e., servo-tab.

Thats’s my typo, thanks for reminding me!

Oh so if I’m understanding correctly you are asking for the user interface on the trim tab setup to be inverse of what it is currently. Pressing and holding upward would equal positive trim and downward on the user interface would be negative trim then?

Both interface and aircraft performance are great and correct.
The only problem is the visual deflection of the trim tab, please check the screenshot below.

When using positive trim (nose up trim), the trim tab must deflect downward (elevator would deflect upward). However in IF, both trim tab and elevator are deflecting upward.

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You’re correct… partly.

In Infinite Flight, the trim tab animation is connected to the elevator. If you move the elevator up, the trim tab will move up, and vis versa. If you move the elevator to a neutral position and adjust the actual trim, you’ll notice it doesn’t move. There are technical reasons I don’t understand that go into why this isn’t yet implemented. It’s in the pipeline to be completed down the road.

For now… just don’t look at it ;) It’s a dangerous practice while flying anyway 🤪


Thank you for the explanation Jason! ❤️

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Got it! Thanks Jason and Levet!

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Happy flying 🙌