C172 stalling

Not quite true 😉

I have 13 hours in an Evektor Sportstar and have only twice used flaps during takeoff.


Yeah the same problem with me. Tried flying really light too but I kept stalling.

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You only use flaps during a soft field take off (or short field depending on the model). A C172 will rotate at 55 knots. When you reach that speed gently pull back and let the plane lift off. Then pitch for 73 knots. This is your Vy speed. This means it will give you your maximum rate of climb. Once you find where 73 knots is reference your attitude indicator and hold that pitch. Still make sure your speed Is good. This will keep you from stalling.

Remember: No Flaps, Rotate at 55, climb out at 73.


Ok, thanks.

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I have a ton of hours in the C-172 irl. Can confirm there’s a bug. Flaps clean, full power, well below MTOW, low density alt —> couldn’t exceed ~60kts ias. The strange thing is I reloaded the flight and then it worked fine.


It seems like it’s under powered. I fly a 172F that has 145HP and you can comfortably climb out at 700fpm other models like the R and SP can climb out at 8 to 1000FPM. So maybe it is a bug.


I have no issues climbing 700 fpm/73 kias at 57% load. Full power, Clean config.

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Cool I ll try it agin

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Agreed. At full throttle the engine display shows less than 100%…

I wouldn’t say I’ve found a bug, but I think it is a tiny bit underpowered sometimes. I think it’s fine though; just use your pitch to maintain speed. I can climb anywhere from 500 to 700 fpm usually

I’ve had this to. I just always bank left.

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