C172 since 19.4 update

I am brand new to this community/forum, so please advise if this is the incorrect place to ask this question. I consider myself a novice user of IF and only do solo flights. Before 19.4, I had pretty good command of the C172 for takeoff/flying/landing. However, after the 19.4 update, I find it quite difficult to fly the C172. For example while trying to takeoff, the plane immediately veers to the left or right and sometimes banks left/right while on the runway - my weather, wind, conditions etc. settings are all set at default (i.e. no wind, weather conditions etc.). Additionally, upon takeoff the C172 continues to bank left or right and I have found the dynamics of operating the C172 very different. Is this just me (novice IF pilot) and I need to learn how to fly the plane better, or are others experiencing similar issues? Thank you for your help and guidance.


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I’ve not experienced this. With no wind you should fly straight and level.
Have you tried adjusting sensitivity or restore defaults settings in settings —> controls?
And of course remember to calibrate device.


Welcome to infinite flight! You need to apply right rudder on take off because the prop spins left. The power of the prop makes the plane turn to the left. This can be countered by using right rudder or setting your current heading in the autopilot menu!

I hope this helps!


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There’s a few variables that can be attributing to this, but I think the biggest thing is that the C172 was completely updated in this recent update for 19.4 (obviously).

Everything from how it flies, to its controls, to its sensitivity was improved to be close to real-world flight for it.

Starting with something that should help on the ground, go into your setting and turn off auto-coordination, this could be why you are having issues while you are on the ground going hard left or hard right.

When you take off, you’ll want to have control of your rudder as well, as it will deflect any movement one way or the other and give you the opportunity for a better take off directionaly.

Lastly, I suggest checking out a few of the C172 tutorials here on the IFC, they’ll help you navigate around the aircraft and the ins and outs of getting off the ground.


To add on to @mwe2187

Here is a checklist that gives you in an in-depth explanation on how to operate the C172.

This is caused by the left turn tendency of the aircraft. This is an image taken from Cessna Ground School.

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IF don’t simulate P-Factor as far as I know. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Thanks to all of you that have replied so quickly. I will read the C172 checklist that was posted and when I launch IF this evening at home, I will give your suggestions a try. I have a lot of work ahead of me to learn how to fly this re-worked plane!


It does. Take off on solo with no wind and you’ll still get pulled left.


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