C172 Rudder Clips Into Horizontal Stabilizer

The rudder of the Cessna 172 clips into the horizontal stabilizer if you apply full rudder to the left or right.

How to Reproduce

  1. Open Infinite Flight.
  2. Press the airplane icon to open the aircraft selection menu.
  3. Scroll down to “Cessna 172”, and press it.
  4. Press “OK”.
  5. Press “FLY”.
  6. Locate the “RUD” and drag it all the way to the left or right.

Additional Information
iPad Air 2 & iPhone 6
iOS 9.2.1
Infinite Flight Version


I swear this is all you do anymore 😂 Good catch


Pretty sure that’s the horizontal stabilizer. Vertical is the tail fin.


Oh yeah… I totally forgot… Thanks for the heads up!


I seen this one awhile ago but I forgot to post about it. I could of beat you to a bug😞

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Nice to see a reasonable request that’s not overly-specific


Great catch! This is pretty funny!

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My guess is 10-12 months

Someone just talked of BUG HUNTING lol seems some guys are relly good at it…lol

I find bugs when I play the game.

How do some people find these bugs, blimey, I just play.

I was just about to make a request for this so here goes:

iPad Air 2, latest IF update, latest iOS, no jailbreak.

Please fix Laura 👍

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I think this happens on all. My device:
iPad Pro 12.9
IOS 10.3 Beta 1 (I’m a beta tester for apples operating system)
No jailbreak
Latest update on IF.