C172 Questions

Hello everyone, I had a couple of questions regarding the engine section of the C172.

First of all, 1). what is the use of the fuel pump?

Number 2). What about the mixture and fuel tank settings? (Specifically IGN Left, IGN Right, and IGN Both)

3). And do starting IGN and pressign ENG 1 do the same thing?

4). Finally, what do the different ignition settings mean?

The fuel pump in the C172 is a backup. It’s used to prime the engine and for emergency mid-air restart.
Run full rich below 3000ft, after that lean for peak RPM, since you can’t see EGT.
IGN only cranks the magneto, but ENG 1 also makes the mixture go full rich.
Cessna 172 has two magnetos. Mag L and R, or both. The start button is for ignition, which you crank the crankshaft through a electric motor.


Thank you so much @ERAU_Hatsune for the explanation. This topic can be closed now by @moderators .

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