C172 Needs better physics

Hello, The c172 in IF has really bad physics, I did I flight today, Super short 40 seconds lol,
And I was a light an can be, took off NOSE was up like 5 degrees, stalled and crashed, almost got reported, and I fly the C172 in real life, I always has a good climb, even when nose Is pointed up 10 degrees
So yeah, you guys might want to fix that

Are you using flaps? They are important to prevent stalls :)

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You sure you’re doing it right? I’ve done it even at 70% load. You have to rotate at about 80kts, and what I do is retract flaps immediately. Also, try asking a little nicer next time, you might have more luck.


Yeah, they were at the regular Takeoff flaps for 172

Do you have a replay you can show us

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Sorry I do not 🙁

It should be in the replay tab

How do you not have it? Its under replay section…

You’re able to access game replays in game.

When ever my flight crashes, or something like that, right after I delete it, However, if this happens again, I will Message it To you!

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Well try doing that right now and see if it happens but from what I know the C172 is up to standards

Before we start sharing replays, I ask that we take a moment to watch through this tutorial covering patterns. Tyler does cover some of the basics for flying the 172. He does state speeds, and when flaps should be coming up. Definitely worth the 4 minutes of your time

The aircraft was recently reworked and does model real world physics. Its been tested by beta members some of whom are real world pilots and the feedback was nothing but positive in that regard.


Was just about to link that, thanks :)

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The physics I’d like to add are as realistic as it can get and can’t get much better. Pilots who fly the 172 have tested during the testing stages and gave feedback on the physics information to make it as real to it as possible. At least that’s the normal process I’ve heard Anyways with that said, check out the vid provided above as it serves as a good video to educate yourself on to takeoff with the 172.


I don’t think the C172 needs flaps. During my flight lessons (I’ve been training in the 172) when I went to go set the flaps my instructor told me that “we don’t need flaps on this runway in the cessna”. Take into consideration that the active runway we were on was 10000 feet but still.

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I fly a Cessna using about 2000-3000ft runway. The climb is very realistic on the simulator, as the Cessna can easily decrease speed if not paid attention to when not using trim, and flaps (flaps in game isn’t too much of a worry)

Make sure you’re not ‘forcing’ the aircraft off the ground. With a little trim, and when the (speedometer) needle is about on 55-65 you barely lift the yoke until the aircraft lifts itself off the ground. Don’t try to force it into the air, otherwise it will stall.

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Okay the 172! The 172 flies perfect accurate to me. I’ve done full loads at MTOW and I’ll take off at about 60-65 knots. The standard takeoff is 60-65 knots and climb speed 75-80 knots! A 500 feet per minute climb will get you that easily! If your using flaps on takeoff your doing it WRONG!