C172 Morning Flight w/Pilot Friend

Saturday Morning I got to get a head start on my instrument rating when a insturment rated pilot who I am friends with asked me if I wanted too do some practice ILS approaches in the Cessna 172 I fly. Of course me being me I said yes and told me I should meet with him at 7 back at the airport. We took off before the sunrise and got done just in time for breakfast back at my house. The flight was an hour long and in that hour we did 3 ILS, a hold, teardrop entry and a backcourse. While none of it was actually perfect it did make me have a better understanding of flying on insturments and was a totally new experience that I’m glad I got too do.


I can’t wait until I get to that stage where I’m flying with my friends! That is awesome.

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Sounds pretty awesome, too bad I’m only 12 so I’ll have to be playing Infinite Flight just to feel how it is

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Well soon enough you’ll be able to get a taste for real flying. It’s worth the wait!


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