C172 Mixture settings

When in cruise, is there any way of knowing if the mixture is too low to continue running the engine?


I mean if your engine shut down there’s one way.
Have you checked out @Will_A checklist?

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This is my two cents:

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Lean of peak or rich of peak… Watch a tutorial on this

You should not dip below 55%, is say. Without much to guide us, it relies on trial and error.

I was at about 70% yesterday cruising at 7500 MSL.

You should watch your RPM’s. If they decrease, you’ve leaned it too much.

Also, check your fuel flow. It is an option on the bottom menu. Try to reduce that! With more practice you’ll get it.

Thanks for the tips. I didn’t mess around with the C172 too much yet. I only did a flight yesterday that lasted only a few minutes. I might do a flight later today after my A350 lands :D

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