C172 Liveries Question

Rather weird question,

What are the liveries for you guys for the C172? For me it has N456DX and N1689Q, N1322K and F-HATZ. I know this is weird, but I have personally flown N456DX, N1689Q & 1322K. in real life at my flying club in the Bay Area. In fact, I actually solo-d in 456DX and it is my favorite aircraft in our club’s fleet. Is it region-specific? Or is this just a wild coincidence?

The liveries that begin with a N- are United States.

F-HATZ I want to say is French but I could be wrong

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Do you have the same liveries on your app?

Yeah we all have the same liveries!

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That’s insane. That’s actually wild, all of those aircraft belong to my flying club, West Valley Flying Club in the bay area. Wow!!! I wonder if there’s any reason for this?

It’s up to the developers decision! 🤷‍♂️

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That’s an incredible coincidence!

Maybe they they took the numbers from your flying club in the Bay Area. That’s some coincidence!

N1322K and N456DX are two planes I actually have quite a bit of time on :)

I did the G1000 training on 22K (which belongs to the instructor I did it with) and then had many hours with this one. I also flew a lot on N456DX.

Here are some pics of the two:
On a flight to Davis, visiting friends:

N1322K at Davis University Airport:

N456DX for Lunch in Napa

We recorded the C172 sounds from an Advantage Aviation aircraft: N254EK. Flew to Byron for quieter surroundings :)


Love the g1000 cockpit! Amazing avionics

If you look up a Cessna 172 on google, one of the first pictures is of F-HATZ so I think that is why it is chosen.


This is such a coincidence!!! This is crazy! I literally fly 456DX on almost every lesson I have. I fly out of Palo Alto Airport and I work with West Valley Flying Club. Do you mind me asking did you fly at West Valley? I’ve got some pictures too! Unfortunately nothing of the outside, but I’ve been flying her since 2019!


Hope you had fun

I flew those exact planes on IF and had no idea who flew them. I my current favorite GA on IF, relatively a breeze to fly and land!

What were your thoughts on flying the C172?

I flew at West Valley yes in 2006 for a couple of years, then moved to Advantage. Mostly flew on the taildraggers they had after I was done nerding in the expensive G1000’s :)


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