C172 Landing

Folks, we all know it. The Cessna 172 in Infinite Flight is a great plane to just have fun and fly around, but there’s a problem. In the air the physics are great, but while landing, the plane bounces way more than it should in real life. I really love flying the 172 but wish it could land better. Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?

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i fly the c172 and i rarely have bouncy landings. what is ur speed when u land

Slowest it’ll go, full flaps.

try to aim for around 45-55kts on landing. try not to flare to to hard either

Alright thanks for the tips!

45 knots ground speed or airspeed?

Airspeed (10 chars)

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Typically when I’m flying the C172 IRL, we stay at 60 knots until right before landing. We typically land at 55 knots.

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And when flaring, I flare gently and just float down to the runway. I don’t try to get it down quickly.

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The old bird likes to land with basically zero energy. You should pretty much be stalling it on. It’s not like any other larger aircraft where you have to paint it on. I know what you mean though…


I always come back to the FPV. It’s a guarantee in a world where maybe not much seems guaranteed. If it’s on the horizon as you touch down, you’ll never bounce. The reason: it’s the most basic definition of no energy at touch down (no energy into the runway).

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