C172 issue

Hi guys I’m a seasoned infinite flight pilot yet lately I’ve had some issues with the C172.

Has any one else experienced issues such as pitch control failure or being over weight after checking and shown in the green

I was just departing KSNA i reached 55kts and began to easy back on the stick when out of no where all I could see was blue sky and it was all over

Any advise will be gratefully received


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Never had any problem with the 172, although I haven´t flown much with it. I can´t help you with that, maybe you set an altitude and you weren´t fast enough or you started losing speed so you stall and crash.


I’ve just checked the replay I think maybe I hit A/P as I adjusted pitch

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The C-172 is an aircraft that stalls quite quickly at times in Infinite Flight. It is definitely advised to lower your pitch control, or your VS. And make sure to adjust a little bit of Trim.

If you hit A/P that sets vertical speed and heading, if that vs was too much for the 172 and you didn´t adjust your throttle for the necessary speed with that pitch you had that´s the reason why you went down.

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