C172 Fun

Just finished another lesson out of KHPN in the C172.
We headed to KBDR for some patterns and then back.

A busy and gusty day so tried to head along the coast for the majority of the flight.

My ride today - N789PF

Sun Country 737. Picture taken from the run up zone while in sequence for takeoff on runway 34

King Air ready for departure

Still in the run up 😂

We turned eastbound and headed to KBDR for patterns. No photos obviously (don’t text and fly folks)

Low over the water while heading back to KHPN (Instructor permission to text and fly lol)

Learjet while walking back to FBO

Our flight path.

The top path is going to KBDR and the bottom path is returning. Made a right 360 to allow a JBU E-190 to land on 34 before entering a straight in for 29

Before the right 360 we routed around a lost bizjet- he got a nice scolding from ATC.

Enjoy! Feel free to ask any questions.


nice photos taken there

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Nice. I got some friends base out of HPN

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Yeah? I’m out of Ross West. It’s a fun training airport due to the variety of traffic. We get A320’s and 737’s, tons of RJ’s, too many biz jets, and a lot of GA’s. Lots of variety makes it fun to fly patterns 😂

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Nice. One is an ops guy and the other flies a citation out of million air

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