C172: Flying to go see a Friend

This afternoon myself and the brother decided too go on a short (60) mile cross country up to Jonesboro(KJBR) to see a friend who lives and works at the local airport. Here’s a few pictures


This is cool! Did you see a lot of private jets?

It’s a great experience


Must be pretty cool to be up close with all those Cessies! One of my definite ambitions.

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Nope, my friend said they all left in the morning.


Should totally go for it. Best thing I’ve ever done

Are the planes owned by schools or individual people?

Yeah. How much money do one of those beasts cost?

The airplane I fly is owned my small business. I’m not sure about the others. The jet is probably owned by a company and the other one is probably individual owned

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Talking about the Cessna I fly

Yes that one ;), is it rather expensive?

Nice pictures! I love your flight showcases! Hope I can get a private license someday.

To rent: No. to cost and maintain: I have no idea, I’m just a pilot. I do believe one day I over heard the owner saying it was worth around 25.000 to 40.000 USD

Thanks. Glad others enjoy them. I love sharing my passion with others. I’d definitely go for it


Oh cool. By those sums, I’m guessing you rent, unless your rich.

Shoot. I play for all my flights by myself. So I definitely rent. I could not afford an airplane by myself

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I know when i see a RWA topic made by you it will be good! Didn’t let down today, lovely pics. Some pretty nice aircraft over there too

Thanksz Glad you enjoy my topics. It means a lot. It was a quick turn and burn flight so didn’t really get to take lots of picture

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Nice! Enjoy the freedom of flying!

Thanks. It’s a great thing to have

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