C172:Flying back home from college.

Hello Community, Today both my brother and I decided too fly back from college with the Cessna 172 we fly! It was a clear day and absolutely smooth as well! Here’s a few photos from this evenings flight


That sounds like my preferred mode of transport 😂


Haha it’s great. 40 minutes vs 2 hours in rush hour traffic

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Ooohh, where is this scenery?

Absolutely! It would be really awesome to just go and fly like that

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The good ole state of Arkansas

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It’s really fun especially when it’s super smooth like glass

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I would love to do this! Maybe you could buy me a C172?


haha there great realiable airplanes


Arkansas is beautiful. And going home from collage in a Cessna is way better than spending hours in traffic in a car ;-)

Have you been to Arkansas? Haha I go home every weekend driving this was just a different pace

I never been to Arkansas before.

I wish I just had a C172 lying around.

I’m fortunate that I do. Now I don’t own it at all, I just know the guy that owns it who happens to be an A&P and let’s people fly it and it’s usually available 90% of the time

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