C172 Flight with a student pilot for lunch.

Today Myself, my brother and a a friend of mine who is a student pilot at my flight school decided too fly down a 117 miles to TXK too grab some Mexican food from a local taco shop. We departed SRC at 9:42 am local time and picked up my friend at our local Class C airport at about 10.20 am local. We than flew the 117 miles VFR at 6500 feet to TXK with a 20 knot tailwind. We landed and got the crew car to go eat. After eating we got 12 gallons of gas and stopped at my local flight school airport too top off due to unforcasted headwinds and also to buy cheap gas. We soon took off a hour later and dropped my friend back off and landed back at SRC about 4:50 pm local time. Overall the trip was 4 hours 30 minutes and have surpassed 210 hours total time. Here’s a few pictures from the flight IMG_1007IMG_1004IMG_1009IMG_1001IMG_0999IMG_1005IMG_1008IMG_0998


Need to dust that instrument panel :)

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Wow. Flew 117 miles to an Mexican Restaurant haha. I bet you had a fun adventure.

Not my airplane so it doesn’t matter to me. A lot of other pilots fly it as well so it gets dirty quickly


Yah 117 miles wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s what having a pilots license is all about. Going out and exploring

117 miles to go get lunch, sounds pretty interesting :P

It was great. I’ve flown longer for lunch but since my original destination had a lot of private planes for a football game we decided to go somewhere else. It was a good time

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Who’s plane is it? Do you rent it?

Yes I rent it for a reasonable good price. It’s a local guys airplane who I rent from that I did all my flight training with.

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So how do you season a student pilot? Salt & Pepper? BBQ Sauce?

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im not sure what you mean by that. but i think a best way too show student pilots things about ATC and big airports is by taking them along with me. Know i dont take anyone, this guy is my roomate and a good friend of mine

It was a joke referring to the fact that your topic heading can be interpreted in 2 ways. Note the phrase ‘with student pilot for lunch’.

Oh okay. I gotcha now

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