C172 flight model in comparison to real life.

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Before I start, I’d like to apologize for being incredibly inactive. I really did miss the community and I’m glad to be back.

For starters, a bit of backstory:
Recently I joined a flight school at my home airport. I did a short 1 hour 20 minute lesson in a full motion sim. Overall, I was told by the instructor I did very well. I’m probably going to continue lessons at this flight school.

To better my skills as a pilot, I’d like to know, how does the C172 flight model compare to how the aircraft handles in real life? I don’t want to spend 60 bucks on XPlane, so is there a way I can practice with the aircraft in IF before going up in the air?

(FYI, the program in the simulator was FSX)




LiveFlight Connect is a 3rd party app that you can buy a joystick, etc and practice with.

Correct me if im wrong ^

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The 172 RL and 172 IF to me act no way the same but if some how you can master the IF 172 you’ll do quite alright with the real one


There’s nothing like the real thing, and people have differing opinions on the topic. Personally, I feel the model can get inacurate at times, especially with attitude-power settings. This is most likely due to the model being old. It is worth your time to try out, and to form your own opinion.


Yeah, i currently have a joystick.

I see. I suppose I should just buy FSX and practice with that, it being the same sim the school uses. Thanks!

This might seem quite hard to believe but I have had my hands on the controls of a C172 (check one of my posts on that) and I can safely say neither IFs version nor X-planes version are close to the real thing. Both of the simulators planes are too sensitive in my opinion and the speed physics can be reworked. But again this is an outdated plane so we need to cut them some slack. I though I had mastered the C172 until I actually flew it IRL. I did get the hang of it very quickly as the physics aren’t COMPLETELY incorrect. My point is that there is nothing like flying the real thing and you’ll love it much more than a sim. Good luck in flight school!


Thanks! I might make a thread about my experiences.

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