C172:Evening Flight After Work

After getting off work, I decided to text a friend of mine and see if he wanted too be my safety pilot so I could shoot some insturment approaches. After flying for an hour or so we decided too call it quits and head back too the ramp for shutdown. I did 4 approaches. 2 ILS,1RNAV and an NDB approach along with a hold. Overall it was a solid day of flying and pretty day too go flying with a cool south breeze and little to no turbulence.


What is that second picture of the cup with water? I’ve seen videos of pilots draining some water like liquid on a cup that size from the wings after they’re done flying, but never understood why they do that.

Water is heavier than AvGas therefore pools at the bottom of the tank. (the tank gets condensation overnight or in cold air). There is a special drain valve fitted under the wing to drain.

You check and drain the tanks before and after each flight as the water obviously takes up the space of fuel in the tank and the engine wouldn’t run very effectively on water anyway! (much to the annoyance of the Aircraft bashing green brigade! ;) )


Well it sounds like you had a fun day

I’m assuming for the RNAV you meant you flew GPS not RNP? Miss the old Cessna, looked like a nice day out :)

Yes. RNAV/GPS approach

It was fun always enjoy it

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Great explanation. Did a better job than me

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