C172 Air to Air Spotting - Flash Flight: Waves of Blue @ KORD


Hey, everyone!

The Waves of Blue flash flight from Chicago to Los Angeles began about an hour ago. Since I couldn’t fly the route as it was too long for me, I decided to go ahead and do some air to air spotting with a Cessna 172 overhead Chicago during the flash flight. Special thanks to @ToasterStroodie, @lucaviness & @ShaneAviation for granting me permission to do this. As I reviewed the replay and took some screenshots, I was rather pleased with the turnout of the images, so I thought I’d share it here. Enjoy! :)

The odd one out! A Air India B77W sits at the gate with it’s cargo and passengers doors open.

Crossing over Chicago while 3 United B77W’s await it’s pushback clearance. Pictured: @Mwstagg

A FedEx Boeing 77F departs out of Chicago’s Runway 28L.

A United Boeing 77W gracefully climbs out of Chicago with another fellow United B77W taxiing in the background. Pictured: @DDAVIS9, @Declan_O

Double takeoff shot! A FedEx B77L & United B77W departs out of the airport. Pictured: @DDAVIS9

Crossing over for the final time while yet another United B77W taxis in the background. Pictured: @Nils_22

A CRJ2 awaits it’s takeoff clearance. Pictured: @Marc

That’s it from me folks! Hope you enjoyed these photos, and if you’d like me to do more of these, let me know! Happy Halloween!

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I didn’t wait for takeoff clearance, I just landed! ✈️

Nice pictures though 🤩


Oops! Sorry about that 😅

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