C172 acting weird in heat

I was flying in furnace creek today am doing the temps were at 39c and when I got in the air my instruments were telling me the wrong altitude and I was going like 70kts airspeed and only 60kts ground speed, it may be due to the heat but I don’t know


If you watch @Swiss’s video, it will tell you. I will link it here once I find it

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I have seen that video.

So, why is this being brought up if there is an easy solution (no offences) just wondering.

Not exactly, the instruments shouldn’t be acting like this, if anything the ground speed would be higher than the airspeed and autopilot wasn’t working either.

I will test this. Make temps about 50 and see

It’s Xplane but the Same principles apply to any sim and IRL

I know but why was autopilot acting up? It wasn’t even working.

What about the autopilot wasn’t working?

I tried putting in a heading and it would just stay in the same direction I had left it at. Same with altitude.

Silly question : Was it activated with the yellow square?

What yellow circle?

Sorry. The yellow square

The AP box?

Yes this box image

It was yellow.

Did you have LNAV on?

VNAV and LNAV change the heading or altitude to match your FPL

No, I didn’t have a FPL, I was just taking a flyaround flight.

Ok give me a few minutes to try and replicate. What aircraft were you in?