C17 Rework

Hey guys! This plane isn’t really a well known plane… but it definitely needs a rework. This plane can be found after clicking legacy planes. This plane is an Air Force plane mostly used for transporting troops and delivering cargo throughout the world. It was manufactured by McDonnell Douglas and preformed it’s first flight in January 1995.

Now why does it need a rework? Well I was doing test flights for GAF when I noticed the rudder didn’t move, I was like oh no big deal it’s just the rudder animation. Then I tried to go to cockpit view, and… there was no view it was basically just in front of the plane. When landing I found there were no flap animations and no gear down animations, they kind of just pop in and out!

Why does it need a rework? This is a beast of plane and many members of the GAF have this for their certified plane. The mechanics are kind of messed up and it is annoying trying to land. I put flaps down one notch and pitch up to 4000 V/S.

Let me know what you think, and if you feel the same way as me please drop a vote!

Hey! Thanks for your feature request, I personally hope the C-17 gets some love too. There’s already a feature request for this airplane though, you can vote for it here:

Additionally, please make sure to follow the rules for feature requests, such as 1 photo per request. You can find those here: