C130J landing light glitch


I’ve noticed this for a while now, definitely since global came to us. Unsure if it has always been like this or whether it is due to my new device which is a Samsung Note 8 with settings all on high, antialiasing is off and plane count is high also - it’s got 6gb of RAM and I have over 45Gb of free memory.

The problem? The landing lights located on the wing appear with a “blank” square which keeps background scenery showing just fine but removes the propellers. This doesn’t happen with the lights off, as you can see from the images below.

This isn’t a plea for help but me pointing out a fault, by the way.

Cheers Easy!


Without the light, all seems fine.

With the light…

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It’s just how the lights are rendered for now. Nothing you can do about it bar look from a different direction (: