C130H refuelling help

Hi, me and my friend were just trying to refuel me in my C130H, we’ve tried for an hour, done everything right, but I am still not refueled, can someone help?


I know you said you tried everything, but just checking: did you follow the steps in this tutorial and also in this topic?


Also I believe that the C130 aircraft that have US liveries don’t have refueling capabilities. The aircraft livery that you select must have a visible “dock” to be able to refuel.

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I’m pretty sure the AC-130 is the only C-130 variant that can be aerial refueled.

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Ahhhh that’s the problem then, thanks, do you know why?

I thought it was only the C130H

Well, this is just a theory, but I do believe that the base purpose of the C-130 in real life, is for war theatre short haul operations. For longer missions you’d use something like the C-17 Globemaster.

Only the special variants like EC- MC- AC- and so on have mission profiles that could be based on air-to-air refuelling, and even those variants don’t all have the capability.


Yeah, in just saw that a C130 went 36 hours once so I thought I would try and fly long

Also, to confirm the C130H is the only one that can refuel in IF right?

AC-130 and Moody J should be able to refuel. As well as the RAF standard livery.
All the rest of the C-130 variants and livery’s where not able to take fuel on flight as they are in real world.