C130 Thrust Reversers

Hey everyone, i did quite some reading on google when i noticed it in game but didnt find much details, it ether doesnt exist or that i didnt know the correct term to look for.

I also did a few search on the forum to make sure im not double posting.

So i noticed that while flying on the c130, the gunship one in particular, the thrust reversals works even though im in the air and my airspeed would decrease when used.

Ive read of some aircraft with the ability to engage thrust reversals while airborned so i would like to know if the c130 can actually managed such a feat or that it was a bug.

Just clarifying for my general knowledge ^^

All C-130 variants in the Sim can use thrust reversers in the air and below 35 knots


Yes it can do that IRL. And it does for assault landings and short-field landings.

It can also power back, which is pushing back using reverse thrust. :)


So its an actual real life thing? Thats actually pretty cool, its nice to have an interesting change in the type of aircraft.

Thanks for the clarification =)

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Okay thats really cool now, question is answered, thanks for clarifying the extra features of pushing back with it.

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Thrust reverser on other commercial aircraft can be deployed while in air too , but the result is not like the result with the C-130. If reverse thrust is engaged in the air for commercial airlines it could resukt in a crash.

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=o i see, that i never knew even having studied engines for a year.

Ah, now the lack of pushback button makes sense. The dev’s really had fun making this one!

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Nah, just by watching ACI for a month! Hehe

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