C130 ramp in flight

Not sure if this should be support or not. Has anyone else noticed the ramp opens fully in flight? That should not be able to do that. If it ever did in real life we would have major issues, it would act as a huge elevator/flap. Just wondering if it’s an easy fix or not?

The developers consult with real life pilots to build the most realistic aircraft as possible. I’m sure if it is able to happen in IF, it is most likely possible in real life.

Seems you’re right about the ramp not being in full during flight. As long as there’s a "partial” setting around, the ramp won’t open fully.

Please do ensure you know who you’re talking to before making assumptions. Mr @David_Driggers is a serving crewman on-board Hercules aircraft.

The devs also didn’t consult with C130 pilots as I have been dealing with them, gathering accurate flight data that is still yet to be implemented within IF.


Cool, but that’s not the point. I’m simply saying what the devs have said previously about consulting real pilots. Even if they haven’t on this particular aircraft.
Anyway, as for the ramp, simply don’t open during flight. I’m sure the devs are working on it (As they are always working on a more realistic flight experience).

It’s the point you brought up, therefore it’s inaccurate and ultimately wrong.

If you’d like to discuss further we can shoot to PM. I’m just saying it’s worth having a quick check of someone’s profile before replying with such a comment.

Thanks for the reinforcement @Mags885. The issue is once you open the ramp partially, to simulate an airdrop, or just want to open the ramp, you then have to open fully in order to close again. That should not be.

There are safety devices in place to prevent this from happening in real flight as I stated above.

Didn’t want to start a fight though gents! Lol. Just wanted to point it out.

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No fight here bud, just 3nsuring people understand that what you’re pushing out here isn’t an opinion based on a thought but based on experience and real life fact!

Hope you’re well old pal.

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