C130 pictures thread

Seems like the update is pushed to 5% of android users…

So If you got the luck to have the update, Share your pictures here :)


There already is a post for the C-130 do we need another? :)

There’s like 5 posts already

The Aircraft photo thread is frequently created after the release

Done with A320 DHC8 etc etc

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I know but everybody is sharing pictures on the original post.

It talks about the developement only
It’s a tracking thread with devs photos

Why don’t you create a informative post? Instead of a stupid photo thread to get likes and replys? Think about it mmkay bye 👋

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Not needed.

As @grxninesix has said with the release of the B787, Dash and the A320 these sorts of topics were created to share pictures and when most android users get the updates this is where the Apple and amazon users will be stalking pictures


And as I said it’s uninformative, and has absolutely no contributing value to the forum, aviation, or IF.

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It’s was you said

It’s your view, if it’s not contributing anything to the forum then the mods will close it, simples

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DHC-8? What it that?

Since no one replied to my request in the last thread, can some please post some pictures of the Royal Canadian Air Force CC-130J?

Pretty pretty please! With a cherry on top!

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I made a friend today

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Thank you so much! 😍

As a token of my appreciation, heres a picture of one that I saw taking off at the London Air show, #609!

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This topic is the type of topic only for replies and likes.