C130-J issue in LETO

Problems when try to use the pause menu, also the doors doesn’t work

Hello there,

Your issue sounds similar to the issue in the thread below. Have a look here as the Infinite Flight Team is aware of controls disappearing and plan to have it resolved in the next update.

So I tried replicating your issue on a few different servers and airports. Seems that some folks are having issues connecting to the servers. Try restarting your device and relaunching the app. If that doesn’t work then delete the app and reinstall.

Per Cam, there is a fix coming in the next update. Kind Regards, Chris



Thank you for all the help good to know this will be fixed in the next update have a good day and thanks for all the hard work you guys continue to do to make this a truly awesome experience cheers :)

Standby as there should be a server reset real soon.

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Sounds good will be standing by.

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