C130 “Fat Albert” retires

From the Blue Angels

It’s a bittersweet day for us as we say our final farewell to our venerable C-130T, Fat Albert.

Fat Albert has served the Blue Angels honorably the past 17 years, flown more than 30,000 hours in support of our mission, and represented the United States Marine Corps to millions of fans.

This current airframe, BUNO 164763, has been with the team since 2002, and was the last C-130 to conduct a jet-assisted take-off (JATO).

While this may come as a shock to many of our fans, we have known this day was coming. The team will be transported via Fleet-provided logistics, until a permanent replacement aircraft is identified. Fat Albert will enjoy her retirement as a ground-based training aid in Fort Worth, Texas.



Fat Albert who is he anyway

But that’s a shame that it’s had to retire

And why has that aircraft got nitro on it

Fat Albert is the teams C130 that provided support and demos during their Air shows


That’s not nitro, it’s JATO (Jet Assisted TakeOff)


What’s the replacement?

@James_Browne it’s unknown as the post says

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Well I think Fat Albert is going to come out of retirement right now on the expert server. I’m changing my callsign.


Lol that’s got to be interesting 😂.
So sad that Fat Al is gone.

Will it be replaced with another C130? I’m going to SeaFair this year and was hoping to see it.

Oof, sad to see this go, would be interesting to see them go big, maybe a C-5 for high-performance demos :P

Quite a sad sight to see. Fortunately I was able to witness Albert at a Blue Angles Air Show in Annapolis. She is a beauty!

Sad to see this one go. It’s a beautiful aircraft, and it’s (was) really fun to see around air shows.


I can believe it’s gone. I wonder when someone is going to make a dedication event lol

last i heard they were buying a 2nd hand RAF C-130J to replace the current airframe but again that was some time ago

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The plane is named after an american cartoon character from a '70s and '80s tv show called Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids.

Really sad to see Fat Albert go, I was fortunate see it circle over my house twice a year growing up when the Angels would perform at the NAS Oceana Air Show.

Imagine if it was replaced with an A400M! 🤣

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