C130 Autopilot tries to accelerate using reverse thrust

Major bug if I do say so myself:

If in flight you use the reverse thrust to slow down, then activate the SPD at a higher speed, the Auto Pilot will attempt to use reverse thrust to speed up.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Spawn in with the C-130 and take off.
  2. When in mid air activate reverse thrust
  3. Without applying positive thrust, turn SPD on and increase the speed
  4. AP will apply reverse thrust when it should be positive.

Latest IF
iOS 10.0.1
iPad Mini 2


Oh my god… ;)

This is what nearly caused me to mess up @Hamza_Adan perfect spacing yesterday :/


Same issue, was just about to report it when you posted.
iPad Air 2 10.2PB6 Latest IF.

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Go get the sergeant Jimmy, we got a real problem here


Are you sure?
I didn’t fly yesterday.

I activated it in neutral after using it to slow down.

I see now. Misread your post.

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I’m sure it was you in YSSY approach around 1530Z?

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