C-Series first commercial flight

From the FlySwiss Twitter page:

“On July 15 at 12:30 pm our new Bombardier CS100 will take-off for its first commercial flight from Zurich to Paris.”


That plane is a beauty😍

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So when will the delivery happen. A few days before?

I have very high hopes for this little plane, I hope the intro in to service is a resounding success for all involved.


Which timezone? Zulu?

What is your source?

Swiss did post a photo on their Instagram with it saying that it will happen

No idea about timezone, I assume Swiss local time.

Source: https://twitter.com/FlySWISS/status/723130789475418112

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Yea, I just found it on their instagram and twitter.

Added to calendar, very interesting! :)

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We really need this plane

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A CS100 in Swiss Livery


It’s like a mini 787 I love it.


Thanks You Very Much!@Full_flight

This plane is a must

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