C-5M Super Galaxy

Don’t care about casual server ;) there are always people fooling around. Remember it’s as big as a 747-8.

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They may be heavy, but on takeoff and landing you can feel the power of those engines. Seats also face to the rear; I’ve been meaning to ask an engineer at Lockheed why they’re like that.

I couldn’t find the pictures, but this big boi carried six of my Unit’s Hawk’s and they played some football in the cargo hold.

One just flew straight down DFW as UHAUL61. First time I’ve seen one in person. Really wish to see this in IF some day.


I want it this plane it has so many route opportunities and it is just a Beautiful aircraft

USA USA USA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✈️✈️✈️

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Sadly this doesn’t fly anymore… now we just have boring CF6s… shame…

I love this plane have you seen what it can carry. It can carry 2 M1 A1 Abrams tanks, 6 Apaches, a Chinook, a F-22 with the wing taken off, a full size ICBM, and 15 Humvees
It is a flying warehouse and here is a size comparison of the C-5 and the C-17 these are both Gemini Jets 1:400 scale

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This monster is as big as a 747-8!

You are correct

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Max Takeoff Weight 987,000 lbs
Cruising Speed 561 mph
Range 8,896mi

Max Takeoff Weight 1.3 million pounds
Cruising Speed 575 mph
Range 8,000 mi

C-5M Super Galaxy
Maximum Takeoff Weight 920,000
Cruising Speed 518 mph
Range 5,695 mi

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